Chopper Buying Guide

For motorcycle enthusiasts who want more out of the riding experience than simply travelling back and forth on a manufacturer-designed product, the chopper motorcycle has long been the bike of choice. With their unique designs, the chopper motorcycles are always the focus of any conversation when enthusiasts gather together. Knowing where to find a chopper motorcycle for sale can often be difficult, but it is still the preferred method of obtaining these specialty bikes – and a mandatory one for those without the technical know-how to assemble their own.

What is a chopper motorcycle anyway?

Before you even begin to look for a chopper motorcycle for sale, however, you should first be sure that you understand what a chopper is. Real choppers are created by taking a manufacturer’s motorcycle and stripping it completely down. Once it is taken apart, the motorcycle enthusiast then proceeds to put it all back together, but on his or her own terms. That means that everything that is not absolutely essential to the operation and function of the bike gets cast aside. As a result, choppers can take many forms, with an unlimited range of features. The term chopper is a reference to the fact that the bikes have literally been “chopped” to pieces and put back together. Obviously, this is not a project for the novice enthusiast who knows little about motorcycle engineering!

Where to Find Them

Years ago, the only way to find a chopper motorcycle for sale was for you to be lucky enough to live in an area where someone wanted to sell one. That limited their availability somewhat, as most of the choppers ended up being concentrated in larger urban areas with higher populations and most chopper designers created the bikes for their own enjoyment. With the rise of the internet as a tool for commerce, however, it is now easier than ever to locate custom-built chopper motorcycles for sale. Simply type the phrase into any search engine, and you will see page after page of website results.

Of course, you can still find a chopper motorcycle for sale at various bike shows – though the owners are often more reluctant to part with their prized motorcycles. Still, custom-built choppers can be purchased at a show or gathering, if you have the money. Be prepared to pay a higher price than you would online, due to the emotional attachment the owner has with his bike.

Important Considerations

When you do find a chopper motorcycle for sale, be sure to evaluate it before buying. If possible, have it checked by a qualified mechanic – unless you are knowledgeable enough to inspect it yourself. The most important consideration should be the performance. You should hesitate before buying any chopper bike that you are not afforded the opportunity to test drive, though you may not have a choice if you are purchasing a bike online. When looking for a chopper motorcycle for sale on the internet, you should still plan to visit the buyer’s location and personally inspect the machine if possible.