Custom Chopper Motorcycles

Even though creating custom chopper motorcycles may be expensive, the end result is well-worth the price. This is exactly why you do not want your hard earned money to be flushed down the tubes because you neglected to properly maintain your treasured possession. When it comes to any type of motorized vehicle, preventing is always better than fixing. The following tips will help you keep your custom chopper motorcycle looking and running at its very best.

Regularly Perform Checkups

Most motorcycle problems that tend to occur with customer choppers cost a significant sum of money to repair. This is why you need to check the tires, cables, brakes, seals, chain case, hydraulic lines, drive belt, spark plugs, lights, fittings, brakes, and batteries at regular intervals. If you take the time to simply look over your bike, you can quickly spot early signs of worn out and damaged parts.

Other parts that require your attention are the brakes and the brake discs. Make the appropriate repairs as soon as you observe cuts, leaks, abrasions, and disproportionate shaping; also test their tension, fit, and responsiveness.

Clean Filters

The filters of a custom chopper motorcycle are also important to check and changed at a regular basis. You can prolong your bike’s life if you keep its oil filter clean and functioning properly. It also helps the engine perform in the way it was built to run. If it helps, make a maintenance schedule for yourself to follow.

Its air filter is another crucial object that you must maintain. If your custom chopper motorcycle is brand new, you need to check its air filter after you reach the first 500 miles. After it hits the 500 mile mark, check it every 2,500 miles. If you find the filter to be dirty or damaged, immediately replace it.

Properly Lubricate

Another way to keep your custom chopper running as long as possible is to keep it properly lubricated at all times. Always purchase only the best quality of lubricants and use them for the bike’s suspension and chaincaase. If these parts are not lubricated in an appropriate manner, damaging results can occur, such as metal grinding, friction, and an excessive temperature increase.

Replace Parts

Even if you only purchase superior motorcycle parts, over time they will succumb to wear and tear. So keep a close eye on your mileage and maintain each part according to its minimum mileage or time count.

Bring It Back to Life

There may be times when you store your custom chopper motorcycle for an extended amount of time. In these cases, you should not immediately drive it after taking it out of storage. Instead, go through your regular check up routine and fix any necessary parts.

Protect the Bike from the Elements

Always clean your chopper to keep it beautiful. Wash it using car soap and water followed by a thorough wax to preserve the bike’s paint. If you are not using it, keep it covered in a garage, carport, or cover to avoid sun, snow, dust, and rain damage.