Motorcycle to Motorcycle Intercom

Most motorcyclists agree that it is much more fun to ride on the open road with others who also love motorcycling. Motorcycle to motorcycle intercom systems allow friends or riding buddies to communicate as they travel. There are systems that allow the passenger and driver to communicate, as well as those that have the capability of communicating with more than one other person. With these intercoms, you can talk to the person on the motorcycle beside you, ahead of you, or behind you.

A passenger to passenger acoustic system may work for those who want to talk to the passenger on their bike, but they do not work for motorcycle to motorcycle communication. Another system is needed for this purpose. A wired intercom system is one possibility for talking to others in your group on other motorcycles. Sometimes, it is possible to use a radio with voice activation, such as an FRS/GMRS radio. Since it is a wired system, there are multiple wires involved in using it.

Motorcycle Intercom SystemThe most convenient and modern way to communicate with others in your pack is with wireless intercom technology. Bluetooth technology is the latest advancement in motorcycle to motorcycle intercoms. They are wireless, and they can be used when riding in a pack. The other riders must be within a certain range of you so that you can connect with them, usually within several hundred feet from you. This is not usually a problem since the pack normally stays fairly close to one another. Some Bluetooth systems can pick up signals from up to 1,600 feet away.

A Bluetooth intercom system must be programmed with the other riders so that you can communicate with them. This is actually an advantage because conversations can be private with no chance of others hearing you since you will not be transmitting over a public frequency. Bluetooth systems have other advantages as well. If your Bluetooth has enabled GPS, it is possible to listen to the audio message with directions straight from the Bluetooth. Also, it enables you to listen to an enabled MP3 player or cell phone. It can also automatically answer your phone calls while you keep your hands on the handlebars.

One Bluetooth wireless system allows the rider to communicate with two other bikes in their pack. Each motorcycle needs to have their own kit that includes the module that houses the technology, a battery and charger, a headset, and mounting hardware to mount the Bluetooth on the bike. The range of this system is around 1,600 feet in good weather. This system allows you to stream audio signal from a GPS, MP3, iPod, or IPhone. There are two different headsets available with this system. One of them is a full face headset that reduces noise on the road that prevents communication, and the other is an open face headset that also reduces noise. It is designed to be worn with modular helmets.

Another Bluetooth system that costs more than three times as much as the one just mentioned can be used for four bikes to communicate. There is a group intercom with walkie-talkies, and it can be connected to a radar detector, GPS, mobile phone, and MP3 player. Each motorcycle requires a helmet headset for the rider and their passenger plus a control box. There are no wires involved that could get in the way. The range is three to five miles between motorcycles. To talk to someone in the pack, simply push the talk button to connect to them.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts prefer to use Bluetooth technology because it is wireless, and it also allows their hands to stay on the handlebars. There is no need to dial numbers to reach another rider in the pack. Just push the button, and communication is possible.